Orientation for Undergraduate
Researchers in STEM

what Is Our-Stem?

Our Stem is your OPPORTUNITY to Come Learn about the good, the bad and the awesome in doing Undergraduate Research.

Everything From what to expect from your advisor to how to write a professional email.

Meet other students interested in research and hear their stories.

All undergraduates from any university in any STEM area are welcome.

August 8, 2016  8:30am to 4:30pm

Ohio Room, YSU

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Graciela Perera

Workshop 1: Undergraduate Research 101

Snjezana Balaz, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Youngstown State University

Topic: What is research? What are reasonable expectations for an undergraduate student,both during a summer research experience and during an academic year? How should a student approach/select an adviser?

Workshop 2: The Ethics of Research

Presenters: Andrew Shepard-Smith, YSU Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs, and Gary Clark, YSU Grants Coordinator

Topic: Presenter will discuss the ethics of research to include discussions on plagiarism and grant fraud.

Undergraduate Research Panel

In this session panelists discuss addressing questions regarding their past experiences doing research. Panelists will speak about on how to find/select research advisers, how to overcome challenges with peers and advisers, and sharing theirs do's and don'ts as they work on STEM research.

Gabbie Van Scoy (Mathematics Undergraduate), Jen Moore (Chemistry Graduate),
Maddie Smotzer (BioMedical Engineering Undergraduate Student), Jenna Wise (Computer Science Undergraduate Student),
Monica Busser (Mathematics Undergraduate).

Workshop 3: Communicating Professionally

Presenter: Angela Messenger, Writing Center Director, YSU

Topic: This presentation provides students with tips to develop professional writing and oral skills. Topics include how to write a personal statement and professional emails, as well as how to remain professional during oral and poster presentations.

Workshop 4: Dressing for Success

Sherri Hrusovski, Coordinator STEM Student Professional Services, YSU

This presentation will discuss how to dress for success and how to make a professional public impression.

Event Schedule

Location: Ohio Room, YSU
August 8th, 2016  
8:30AM to 4:30PM


Breakfast & Registration

Welcome Remarks

9:45- 10:45
Workshop 1: Undergraduate Research 101

Coffee Break

Workshop 2: The Ethics of Research

Lunch & Keynote Speaker

Undergraduate Research Panel

Coffee Break

Workshop 3: Communicating Professionally

Workshop 4: Dressing for Success

Closing Remarks

Workshop Activities

Undergraduate Research 101

 The Ethics of Research  
Undergraduate Research Panel

 Professionalism in STEM  

Professional Writing