Bylaws of Pi Mu Epsilon, Ohio Xi Chapter

Youngstown State University, Installed May 21, 1982
Revised: March 6, 2000
  1. NAME
    The name of this chapter shall be Ohio Xi. This chapter shall follow the general guidelines set forth in the Constitution of Pi Mu Epsilon, Inc. and the National Bylaws.
    1. To promote scholarly activity in mathematics.
    2. To elect members on an honorary basis according to their proficiency in mathematics.
    3. To engage in activities designed to promote the mathematical and scholarly development of its members.
    4. To take any other measures that will further the purposes stated above.
    1. Membership is open to all Youngstown State University students and faculty who meet eligibility requirements.
    2. Eligibility Requirements:
      1. Students with an accepted major in mathematics who have completed one of the calculus sequences applicable for the mathematics major, at least one additional mathematics course required for the mathematics major, and who have an unrecalculated grade point average of at least 3.6 in these courses and overall.
      2. Students with an accepted major in mathematics who have completed one of the calculus sequences applicable for the mathematics major, at least two additional mathematics courses required for the mathematics major, and who have an unrecalculated grade point average of at least 3.2 in these courses and overall.
      3. Students with any other declared major who have met the course and grade point average requirement in parts (1) or (2) and who have, in addition, completed a course in mathematics applicable to the mathematics major that is not a requirement for their declared major.
    3. Selection of members shall be determined by the Scholarship Committee, that consists of at least two faculty members.
    1. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Faculty Advisor, and a Permanent Faculty Correspondent to the national office. Additional officers may be elected if the Executive Committee finds it appropriate.
    2. Duties of these officers shall be the usual ones pertaining to the various offices with specific duties as follows:
      1. The President shall officiate at any necessary meetings. The President is the official spokesperson for Pi Mu Epsilon, Ohio Xi Chapter, and shall initiate all new members. The Presidents shall determine, along with the other officers, the calendar of events and projects to be undertaken by the Chapter during his/her tenure. The President shall also meet every term with the advisor(s) to review projects.
      2. The Vice President shall officiate at meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President is in charge of membership, including chairing the Scholarship Committee, notifying potential members, ordering membership certificates, and maintaining the current roster of all active members.
      3. The Secretary shall take minutes and attendance at all meetings and maintain correspondence for the Chapter. The Secretary shall distribute copies of the minutes to all officers and advisors, and report Chapter activities to the Editor of the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, the National President, and National Secretary at least once a year.
      4. The Treasurer shall collect membership dues and assist with the collection of monies from special projects and/or special events that are established. Additionally, the Treasurer is responsible for purchasing any supplies the Chapter needs, with the approval of the other officers. The Treasurer shall also prepare and submit the annual Student Government Budget Request and Budget Authorization Forms. The Treasurer is responsible for requesting any additional Student Government funds and should be familiar with student organization funding regulations.
      5. The Historian shall be in charge of recording any possible constitutional changes. Additionally, the Historian shall prepare and mail an Ohio Xi newsletter to Ohio Xi members at least once a term.
      6. The permanent faculty correspondent shall be in charge of all communication between the Chapter and the national office. He/she should report to the national officers the actions of the local chapter.
    3. A one-year term shall be served by the elected officers beginning on September 15.
    4. Election of officers shall be as follows:
      1. Nominations for officers and faculty advisor shall be accepted at the beginning of the Fall Term.
      2. Nominations for new officers shall be made by a Nominating Committee consisting of the present Officers. In addition, other nominations will be taken in written form with the approval of the nominee.
      3. Elections shall be held by ballot following the first Fall meeting of each year. The five officers and faculty advisor will be elected, based on a majority vote.
      4. Officers shall meet at least five times per term.
      5. In the case of a tie for a position a run-off ballot election shall be held. The winner will be elected based on a majority vote.
    1. Order of Business will be as follows:
      1. Call the meeting to order
        1. Roll call
        2. Approval of the minutes (if necessary)
      2. Vice President’s report
      3. Secretary’s report
      4. Treasurer’s report
      5. Historian’s report
      6. Reports of special committees
      7. President’s report
      8. Old Business
      9. New Business
      10. Advisor’s remarks
      11. Membership remarks
      12. Announcements (Special Events or Committee Meetings)
      13. Adjournment
    2. At least one program meeting will be held per term with other meetings called when necessary.
    3. At least 2/3 of the active members are required to be present for any voting.
    1. Amendments may be proposed at any time and voted on by 3/4 of the active members, and passed with 2/3 of the vote.
    2. Any questions arising which are not covered in these Bylaws shall be reviewed and acted upon by the officer of Ohio Xi.
    1. Selection procedures shall be conducted each term followed by an initiation ceremony during the quarterly meeting.
    2. The national initiation fee shall be $20.00.
    3. Local dues shall be set at $10.00. This will entitle and eligible person membership in this chapter for the length of time he/she is a student at Youngstown State University.
    All expenditures from the Pi Mu Epsilon Ohio Xi account must be approved by a majority vote of the officers and advisor(s).
    1. Sponsor speakers and delegates to attend the annual National Summer meeting of Pi Mu Epsilon, Inc.
    2. Attend other regional meetings during the year.
    3. Conduct tutoring sessions for local high school students taking national math tests.
    4. Sponsor speakers to university or math related topics, at least once per term.
    5. Support the annual YSU Calculus Competition.
    6. Consider nominating faculty and students for both local and national awards and commendations.
    1. See attached amendment.
    2. Ohio Xi members will be housed in University dorms or housing whenever it is available.
    3. The Chapter should request YSU Student Government funding to alleviate expenses. If funding is received, the Chapter must submit a report of the trip to Student Government upon returning.
    4. Ohio Xi members who do not remain in attendance for the duration of the meeting may not receive monetary assistance from Ohio Xi.
    5. Ohio Xi members who receive funding from the Chapter or the National Organization must attend a majority of the student paper presentations and all invited lectures at the meeting.
    6. YSU funding and YSU vehicles may be used only in conjunction with meeting or conference events.
    7. Every Ohio Xi member who will be riding in a YSU vehicle must sign a Pi Mu Epsilon Ohio Xi travel form and a YSU driver card.
    8. Only individuals who have signed a YSU driver card may drive the YSU vehicle.
    9. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted in the YSU vehicle at any time. This includes transportation of alcohol.
    10. Absolutely no smoking is permitted in the YSU vehicle at any time.
    11. No individual may drive the YSU vehicle after consuming any amount of alcohol.
    12. In extenuating circumstances these travel regulations may be modified by a majority vote of the officers and advisor(s) of Pi Mu Epsilon, Ohio Xi Chapter.