Where are we now?

Since 1982 several of our PME members have gone on to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics and related sciences!

Former YSU Students With Ph.D. Degrees (since 1982)
Abraham, Paul Kent State University
Alexander, Matt Kent State University
Baglama, Jim Kent State University
Banoczi, Jim North Carolina State University
Dalbec, John Cornell
DeSimone, Heather Duke
Dinda, Steve Bowling Green State University
Drombosky, Tyler University of Maryland
Gerberry, Dave Purdue University
Goddard, Mark University of Kentucky
Grove, Sarah North Carolina State University
Hoffman, John Kent State University
Innocenzi, Mark UCLA
Jones, Gwen University of South Florida
Jones, Chris University of Pittsburgh
Jordan, Kim University of Pittsburgh
Kinicki, Joe Ohio State University
Kramer, Bob University of Pittsburgh
Liguore, Carla Purdue University
Lucarelli, Vince University of Chicago
Martin, David Kent State University
Mike, Josh University of Tennesee
Mullins, Paul University of Pittsburgh
Osciewicz, Beth Kent State University
Osciewicz, Jeff Kent State University
Price, Bob University of Wyoming
Priddy, Jerry University of Idaho
Salcedo, Maria Purdue University
Santos, Eunice University of California-Berkeley
Santos, Gene Brown University
Sasinowski, Maciek William and Mary
Selee, Teresa North Carolina State University
Schiavone, Guy Dartmouth
Schueller, Kriss Northwestern University
Shuttleworth, Bob University of Maryland
Siskind, Ryan North Carolina State University
Stadnik, Theodore Purdue University
Stanislav, Steve North Carolina State University
Ward, Matt University of Washington
Whitfield, Debbie University of Pittsburgh
Former Members who have a PhD and now teach here at YSU
Tom Wakefield